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Privacy policy

May 05, 2024

Looking at my logs today, I saw that someone had requested /privacy-policy/ and was disappointed by my server. There's a good reason for that. When you open your browser's developer console (F12 in Firefox) and navigate to the Storage tab, you see a small clickable list with entries like Cookies, Session Storage and such. When you click them, you will see my domain name. If you see any data there, delete it. It's there because you visited this site when it was still a WordPress blog. WordPress places all kind of data in your browser that it needs to function.

This site is a static site, which means it doesn't do that. The deal is simple: you request a file, if I have it, I send it to you. If it wants to download other stuff from my site, it's a style sheet and some pictures. All very inert stuff. No code will execute in your browser and nothing needs to store anything in the form of cookies or session data on your computer that will be there, taking up space and running the risk of being exposed to evil other sites.

And since I do not run or store those things, there is nothing I receive from you (except for the original request), and I therefore can't store anything that belongs to you. That is why I don't need a privacy policy. Or perhaps, that is my privacy policy. I don't want or need anything from you, except for you to enjoy what I post.

Two other things I've taken care of, based on what I noticed in my logs:

  • Numbers in dates from permalinks smaller than 10 now have a 0 prepended, but original links still work
  • Trailing slashes in request paths are allowed but ignored

If you want to respond or contact me, send an email to "hello" at this domain. I welcome feedback.

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