“Why yes, I do have the foggiest”


Good day!

I am Diederick de Vries (he/him), I live in Amsterdam, and this is my personal blog.

I love technology, mostly anachronistically. A good friend of me told me once I’m always staying ahead of retro trends. I thought that was funny. I also tend to write about privacy, Linux and other related subjects. I also write here in Dutch about sustainability.

Me, coding on a ZX Spectrum+, 1988

This site and its content are 100% non-AI generated, unless AI is the subject of the post and AI-generated content is used as an example.

You’ll find no doom-scrolling here. If you’ve reached the end of what you’re reading, you can click on the title at the top and select something else.

To contact me, just email hello at this domain. I answer all email, but it may take a few days.

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