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Scry and eregi deprecation

One of the downsides of using software that is not being maintained anymore, is that when dependencies change, its users have to adapt the software. Scry, my favorite photo album software, is running in PHP, which makes that a dependency. Scry makes use of the PHP functions eregi() and eregi_replace(), which scan strings for pattern […]

Scripting Scry

Yesterday, I wrote about Scry, a PHP photo publishing script that I basically like for the same reasons I like my favorite Linux distribution: simplicity and elegance make it easy to use and to maintain. To make things even easier, tonight I wrote a small bash script that allows me to publish a collection of […]


Whenever I do something or go out with family or friends, I usually take lots of pictures. And so do they, at least some of them. Afterwards, we are often interested in each other’s pictures, so I usually collect them all to show them to everyone. But that is easier said than done. I have […]