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Review: Isaac Asimov, Forward the Foundation

Forward the Foundation is the last  book Asimov wrote for his Robot/Foundation metaseries. It is the second book about Seldon’s efforts to develop his psychohistory science, a way of predicting the future using statistics. The events in the book take place after Prelude to Foundation and before the first book of the original Foundation trilogy. […]

Review: Asimov, Prelude to Foundation (1988)

The story centres around Hari Seldon, who proposes a statistical way to predict the future of humanity, during a talk at a conference on Trantor, the Galactic Empire’s capital planet. The Empire’s aide Eto Demerzel, as well as the Emperor’s main challenger, the Mayor of Wye, both want to make use of this new tool […]

Terminator Salvation: sufficiently entertaining

Terminator Salvation, though fairly badly acted, is sufficiently entertaining and humorous. Its sets and effects are impressive. The terminators are more creepy, more relentless and way more beautiful than in the previous episodes. The ending of the movie was a bit awkward (not to say predictable), but necessary and in-character for lead character Marcus. It was kept […]