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Because I didn’t get any further with the lenses I had, I bought a William Optics SpaceCat 51 APO 250 mm F/4.9 which I received on the 29th of this month. The supplied T-mount didn’t lock, so I swapped it for a proper one for the Nikon at the shop. On the 30th, I went back […]

Big Dipper

Date 2020-05-25 Subject Ursa Major Camera Nikon D-3000 Lens AF-S Nikkor 20 mm, 50x5s, ISO 800 Last evening, the new moon was low and there were no clouds, so I tried again. On the forum, I was tipped not to expose more than 5 or 8 seconds per photo without a tracker, considering my chip […]

More stars

Date 2020-05-24 Camera Nikon D-3000 Lens AF-S Nikkor 20 mm, 7×25 s, ISO 800 After some tips from the forum, I decided to use our 20 mm portrait lens, which I had bought before the birth of our firstborn, because it allowed me to see stars and focus with them. I also read that on […]

Too few stars

Date 2020-05-20 Camera Nikon D3000 Lens AF-S Nikkor 18-55 mm, 25s, ISO 1600 Inspired by a post on and a whole series of pretty clear nights this month, I decided to see if astrophotography could be something for me. I bought a tripod for 40 euros and put my old Nikon D3000 with the kit […]