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Native look and feel for Swing under Linux

This one is not really an eye-opener, but I use this blog to record and archive stuff I find out at some point, so here’s a post about getting NetBeans Platform Applications use GTK instead of Metal. Since the Swing Application Framework (SAF) has been deprecated and developing NetBeans Platform Applications (NPA) is the new […]

KDevelop 4: first steps

This will be one of those blog entries that I write primarily to document for myself some stuff I found out after some effort, but that might also be useful for others. When developing applications, I primarily use Java, mostly because it will do everything I want and it’s the language I’m most familiar with. […]

How to use your w810i with Linux

My new phone has arrived, and this time I’ve decided to put it to a lot more use than my previous phone. Its a Walkman phone, which means that besides a phone (and a camera, an FM radio and a games platform), it’s also an MP3 player. Now I’ve never owned an MP3 player before, […]