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Word wrap in a JEditorPane

A very simple thing I found out today, despite lots of searching around! I once had a professor who stated that: A text editor is something so very personal, that everyone should write their own. Of course I’ve always found vim a perfectly good text editor, but for my Swing projects it’s hard to embed […]

Java 3d in a NetBeans Platform Application

If you want an excellent introduction into Java 3D, look no further than here. I was following the tutorial I found there to get started with what looked to me as the perfect way of spending a Friday evening, when, somewhere at the end, it told me that: (…) it does not mix very well […]

Native look and feel for Swing under Linux

This one is not really an eye-opener, but I use this blog to record and archive stuff I find out at some point, so here’s a post about getting NetBeans Platform Applications use GTK instead of Metal. Since the Swing Application Framework (SAF) has been deprecated and developing NetBeans Platform Applications (NPA) is the new […]


Today, I found this in my mail: The “success kit” included a lifetime membership card for (…) an elite group of Oracle Certified Professionals (…) And I had hoped for a coffee pack 🙁 But still. Excellent.

Deploying EJB3 In Action code examples in NetBeans

I’m currently learning Enterprise Java Beans 3 using Debu Panda et al.’s book EJB3 in Action. The material is not very hard but there’s lots of stuff to memorize, and the best way to do that is by running the code examples and trying to change it (and break it). The easiest way to do […]


Since the start of this month I have been looking for a new job, because my current position at the Research and Documentation Centre of the Dutch Ministry of Justice will end January 31st next year. Barely a day after leaving my resume at, I got a few dozen calls from recuiting agencies and […]