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Find Polaris

After I had sent the iOptron iPolar tracker back to the shop because the USB port was on an unreachable side, I practised aligning it with Orion. To this end, I downloaded an app that showed where in the reticule Orion should be located and looked through the tracker after levelling the tripod. I saw […]

More focus needed

Again, three very cloudless nights without moonlight offered another opportunity to get to know my newly bought Camera, a ZWO ASI 120MC-S. The goal was no longer to photograph the Andromeda or other nebula, but to take a picture of one or more sharp stars. It worked. Date 2021-09-09 Camera ZWO ASI 120MC-S Lens William […]


Three very cloudless nights without moonlight seemed like an ideal opportunity to finally try out the new iOptron SkyGuider Pro. After using the first two nights as preparation, I went on the third night to try to take pictures of the Andromeda Galaxy. Although I couldn’t see it with the naked eye from my observation […]