Commenting policy

In the first few months that I worked on this blog, I received many comments. This was nice because it meant that people were reading what I wrote and found it useful. However, now and then I got a comment that I couldn’t approve of.

So, when responding to one of my posts, please consider the following:

  • By polite.
  • Write in the same language as the post.
  • Keep your comments relevant to the post.

That’s it. Anything that ignores one of these is deleted.

If you are new to Linux, you also might consider reading this excellent article on how to ask smart questions by Eric Steven Raymond (ESR). It will help you not only here, but in every Linux forum you will ever encounter. Read it and come back here to ask your question (and no, ESR won’t answer them for you, he just writes about how to ask questions in such a way that you might get an answer).