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MSX games and women

A few weeks ago I introduced my two sons with MSX games and they’re enjoying them a lot, playing mostly Athletic Land, Magical Tree and Bubble Bobble, and in a few years I’d like their little sister to have the same experience. Now Bubble Bobble doesn’t have a problem, but in both Konami games you’re […]


Three very cloudless nights without moonlight seemed like an ideal opportunity to finally try out the new iOptron SkyGuider Pro. After using the first two nights as preparation, I went on the third night to try to take pictures of the Andromeda Galaxy. Although I couldn’t see it with the naked eye from my observation […]

Recycle fail

Speaking of inconsistencies, here’s a nice one that brightened up my morning today: Too bad the dialogue doesn’t tell me the path and file name causing the problem. That would actually have been useful. In Windows 7, every user has her own personal recycle bin. All recycle bins are located under C:\$Recycle.Bin\ and have that […]

Windows 7: still an inconsistent mess

Since I started at my new job, I have been working on a Windows 7 workstation. That’s not because I have to. I could install Linux on that machine if I wanted to. Still, most of the world, including many clients of the company I work for, use Windows machines, so I’m forcing myself not […]

Bad, bad Powerpoint

A couple of days ago, someone in my vicinity needed to create a Powerpoint presentation with lots and lots of JPEG files. She was doing this on a netbook which is usually pretty fast, but after adding a couple of pictures, she noticed it slowing down to a crawl. She was working on a USB […]