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A day at Emmen Zoo

Two weeks ago I visited the Zoo in Emmen (links to Dutch site), where one week earlier an Indian elephant was born. Emmen, a small provincial town near the Dutch – German border, is where I was born. What sets its zoo apart from most other zoos I’ve been to is the amount of relative […]

I’ll be speaking at the 5th NCeSS

I have yet to sort of find the scientist in me, but it appears the fifth International Conference of e-Social Science has accepted a paper I lead-authored. Its called A data warehouse approach to public safety monitoring and it is about a tool we created that provides government policy makers with accurate data from many […]


I went to Germany this weekend, spending Saturday in down-town Köln. I parked my car under the Philharmonie, visited the impressive gothic Dom, did some shopping, drank coffee at the Rhine bank, and spent two hours in the awesome Museum Ludwig, which is an absolute must-see if you’re there. However, if you have only a […]