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Indie publishing?

I wrote a book. It’s a bit of an odd book, in the sense that it’s two thirds fiction and one third non-fiction. The fiction is there to de-abstractise the non-fiction. It seemed like a fun idea when I wrote the book, but no publisher I’ve approached wanted to publish it. “The story is successful, […]

Gen Z

Born in the seventies, as a member of the so-called generation X (Gen X), I am expected not to complain about things and quietly adapt to my surroundings. My surroundings are inhabited by generation Z (Gen Z). Gen Z is characterised by a tendency to complain about everything and their attempts to adapt their surroundings […]

OpenAI and copyright infringement

OpenAI and its competitors base all the large language models on freely available content, fully ignoring the attached licenses like GPL, Creative Commons and others. The work put into creating that content is meant to make the content available to others and letting them contribute to that content. This is what open source is about. […]

The egg came first

For any definition of a chicken, there has been be an egg, laid by an animal almost, but perhaps not quite, answering to that definition, from which hatched an animal fully answering to that definition, making the egg a chicken egg. Ergo, the egg came first.