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I found a Kuiper Belt Object!

A few weeks ago, I received an e-mail, with subject: YOU made an IceHunters KBO discovery. It started like this: Dear IceHunter, You found a Kuiper Belt Object! (or several) (…) You are getting this email because the IceHunters database lists publishable name for you, and I want to give you a chance to make […]

Boinc milestone

Another Boinc milestone for me: 250.000 points. According to Boincstats, about half of that I got for calculations for the Docking@Home project. In the last week, this is even 93%: From their website: Docking@Home is a project which uses Internet-connected computers to perform scientific calculations that aid in the creation of new and improved medicines. […]

New Horizons Ice Hunters

Between 2004 and 2008 I used to work for a lab of  the Netherlands Cancer Institute, where scientists crystallised proteins to be able model them. Crystallization is a neat way of lining them up perfectly. This is necessary because they are so small that if you measure just one of them, you don’t get a […]

Boinc milestone: 100.000 points

A new Boinc milestone for me today: 100.000 points. That’s more points than 88.264% of all Boinc contributors. Boinc is a piece of software that lets the computer its installed on do calculations for various scientific projects that need computing power but don’t have the resources. You select the projects yourself, and based on your […]

Boinc: 30.000 credits

One of the things that I use this server for, except serving the blog you’re reading right now, is performing calculations for various projects that need computer resources but don’t have the money to spend. Among those projects are Climate Prediction, Malaria Control and SETI. Since my home server is always on and it has […]