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Knight Lore Remake

Platform MSX2 Developer Ultimate (1985) Remake Retroworks (2009) Played on Sony HB-F1XV MSX2+ This is a remake of a game that I had for a couple of years but had never got around to seriously playing. The only reason I wanted to dive into it was simply because it looks outstanding for an 8-bit platform […]

Cassette tapes: rightly obsolete

Rubenerd is a blog I frequent, and today my RSS feed shows a piece titled Is it worth collecting cassettes in 2024? It’s an interesting idea and his post does bring back memories of slowly spinning double tape decks, pencils and my awesome Sony Walkman WM-FX325. I still regret losing it (or throwing it away […]

MSX games and women

A few weeks ago I introduced my two sons with MSX games and they’re enjoying them a lot, playing mostly Athletic Land, Magical Tree and Bubble Bobble, and in a few years I’d like their little sister to have the same experience. Now Bubble Bobble doesn’t have a problem, but in both Konami games you’re […]