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Outlook territorialism

Yesterday the Microsoft Office 2003 installation at my work PC was updated to its 2007 incarnation. But when starting the new and shiny Outlook to check my calendar, I was presented this little gem of a dialogue box: Click it to see it the way it was intended. I had to scale the image to […]

Undead robot

According to the Geek Zodiac, I am an Undead, since I was born in 1976. I am apparently soulful, transcendental and know the value of all life. I am also haunted, tormented and have difficulty connecting to humanity. Obviously, this is utter nonsense. I am clearly a Robot: law-abiding, dedicated and logical as well as […]

The dist-upgrade button

A couple of years ago, when someone in my neighbourhood’s Windows XP laptop became frustratingly slow and unstable, I convinced her to install Ubuntu. Using Ubuntu she could again perform all of her computing needs comfortably. Her laptop was fast and stable again and easy to maintain. Since then, two times a year, we go […]

2012: Predictable, mostly boring and just plain stupid

I have a wrist watch, which runs pretty accurately, but for five times a year I have to set back the date one day, because the date dial has 31 positions, and it’s not a very smart watch. That however, doesn’t make me think that each month in the year has in fact 31 days, […]

Samurai Cow

It seems like a cow has been born with some shape resembling a cross on its forehead: You’ll note that to its Christian owners, the cross has obvious religious meaning, which makes them think that they have received a sign from their deity. I don’t think a divine being would be so bad at drawing, […]

50 Dutch quacks spread nonsense (surprise!)

Yesterday, many Dutch news sources reported that a group of fifty physicians recommended further study into the harmful effects of radiation from cell phones and other wireless devices and a moderation in the usage of such devices. They observe a raise in unexplainable complaints and a raise in the use of such wireless devices, and somehow […]