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Closing my PayPal account

Well, it looks like I’m doing a premature online spring-cleaning. Not too long ago, I closed my Spotify account, and since Spotify was the only service I paid for using PayPal, yesterday I decided to close my PayPal account as well. If you want to know why not using PayPal is a good idea, please […]

Using RSS like it’s 2008

Looking at my recent blogging hiatus, you wouldn’t be able to tell, but I’m somewhat of an RSS enthusiast and have been reading and listening to content sent to me using RSS without pause during that time. RSS, short for Real Simple Syndication, is a subscriber protocol where clients, called aggregator applications, can periodically ask […]

Another decade of phones

tl;dr: All black slaps with some increasing numbers, broken promises and hopefully my final phone. This is the second A decade of phones I write, but last time I still called them cell phones. What prompted that post was the arrival of my then brand new LG Optimus 2x, my first Android phone, which had […]

Updating a 10 year old WordPress

When I started blogging in 2007, WordPress was, if I remember correctly, the only usable piece of software available. These days there are lots of options, and I seriously looked at WriteFreely, Hugo and Toto, the latter I really liked for using git as its content repository. Each of those has their downsides. WriteFreely is […]

Ripping DVDs with mplayer/mencoder

I have a sizeable collection of DVDs but I find it way more convenient to store them on the hard drive of my home server and stream them to my TV. This way I can browse using my remote, I don’t have to click watch movie or something to that effect in a menu and […]

Installing Plex Media Solution on Arch Linux

This will be another one of those posts that I only put up here because I figured something out and I can’t really guarantee myself that I won’t ever have to do it again. So to save myself some time in my future (and possibly someone else) I find it convenient to write a blog post […]