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Privacy paradox

Today I stumbled upon this little gem: I use uBlock origin and Pihole to make using the Internet less annoying. Seriously. Sometimes I am confronted with a colleague’s screen showing a browser that lets through all kinds of ad banners and I really cannot fathom how they could focus on a site’s content with all […]

How to annoy a developer

Let’s say you’re a developer and you’re tired and unfocused from that last meeting with your enterprise architect and you forgot how to create a new git branch. Trust me, it happens. So you DuckDuckGo “git create branch” or something to that effect, you click on one of the first carefully SEOd links populating your […]

Not helpful

DuckDuckGo’ing for “SAP4HANA REST API”, I landed on this very well SEO’d (first link from what are after all Bing results) but rather minimalist documentation page: I’m afraid that when I click “No”, they’ll ask me to provide feedback.