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One month of personal blogging

Just four days ago, I published post #100. This is #101. With 12 posts, this month is on par with April 2009, and February is not over yet. It is now one month ago, that I restarted my old personal blog. When I did, I wasn’t sure if I would just write a post or […]

Updating a 10 year old WordPress

When I started blogging in 2007, WordPress was, if I remember correctly, the only usable piece of software available. These days there are lots of options, and I seriously looked at WriteFreely, Hugo and Toto, the latter I really liked for using git as its content repository. Each of those has their downsides. WriteFreely is […]

Picking up (not quite) where I left off

The last time I posted something on this blog was over a decade ago. Since then, I got three kids, bought a house, changed jobs a couple of times and the world around me has changed even more. That last post reviewed my Google Nexus 4. Nowadays, I use a Fairphone 4 with a de-Googled […]


UPDATE: I did some tweaks to the css style sheet already. I removed the black border around the page and made the font settings of the header (the title of the site) like the one on my home page for consistency. I also put the archives at the top of the inner sidebar. Because of […]

Site unreliabilty

This site will be completely unreliable for the next (and past) few days, due to my house being more or less rebuild. The electricity has to be shut off now and then and there is a chance of short cuts as well, so I have to turn the server off during the day. I have […]

New theme

I changed themes today, mainly because the default WordPress theme I used only has a single side bar and the text column is too small. This theme is called Atahualpa, and it’s under the GPL, so I can tweak it as much as I like. So far I’ve only replaced the header pictures with my […]