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Closing my Spotify account

I just closed my Spotify account, and I can’t say it was a bumpless ride. Firstly, you can read all about what’s wrong with Spotify here, but in essence, to me, it boiled down to: Where applicable and permitted under applicable law, you also agree to waive and not enforce any “moral rights” or equivalent […]

Cassette tapes: rightly obsolete

Rubenerd is a blog I frequent, and today my RSS feed shows a piece titled Is it worth collecting cassettes in 2024? It’s an interesting idea and his post does bring back memories of slowly spinning double tape decks, pencils and my awesome Sony Walkman WM-FX325. I still regret losing it (or throwing it away […]

Siebrand Weitenberg: De Verwondering

This thursday me and some colleagues of mine went to Pulchri Studio, an art gallery in The Hague, where painter and teacher Siebrand Weitenberg is currently showing some of his works in an exposition called “De Verwondering” (The Wondering). The artist himself was present to tell us a little about his work. As it turned […]

2012: Predictable, mostly boring and just plain stupid

I have a wrist watch, which runs pretty accurately, but for five times a year I have to set back the date one day, because the date dial has 31 positions, and it’s not a very smart watch. That however, doesn’t make me think that each month in the year has in fact 31 days, […]

Terminator Salvation: sufficiently entertaining

Terminator Salvation, though fairly badly acted, is sufficiently entertaining and humorous. Its sets and effects are impressive. The terminators are more creepy, more relentless and way more beautiful than in the previous episodes. The ending of the movie was a bit awkward (not to say predictable), but necessary and in-character for lead character Marcus. It was kept […]