Privacy paradox

Today I stumbled upon this little gem:

I use uBlock origin and Pihole to make using the Internet less annoying. Seriously. Sometimes I am confronted with a colleague’s screen showing a browser that lets through all kinds of ad banners and I really cannot fathom how they could focus on a site’s content with all that flashing above, under, next to and between said content. Also, uBlock origin and Pihole block malicious content such as trackers, so the internet becomes a little bit safer and the privacy of anyone in my household a little less unlikely.

Websites as the one above I usually avoid but I seemed to have clicked a link somewhere that brought me there. So reading the above, I understand that since I care about my privacy (and act accordingly), this site can no longer show me a popup to ask me if I care about my privacy, which they really need to because I live in a jurisdiction that makes that mandatory.

I apologise, but you’re not making sense.

Also, I use Firefox, not Brave.

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