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Closing my PayPal account

Well, it looks like I’m doing a premature online spring-cleaning. Not too long ago, I closed my Spotify account, and since Spotify was the only service I paid for using PayPal, yesterday I decided to close my PayPal account as well. If you want to know why not using PayPal is a good idea, please […]

One month of personal blogging

Just four days ago, I published post #100. This is #101. With 12 posts, this month is on par with April 2009, and February is not over yet. It is now one month ago, that I restarted my old personal blog. When I did, I wasn’t sure if I would just write a post or […]

Closing my Spotify account

I just closed my Spotify account, and I can’t say it was a bumpless ride. Firstly, you can read all about what’s wrong with Spotify here, but in essence, to me, it boiled down to: Where applicable and permitted under applicable law, you also agree to waive and not enforce any “moral rights” or equivalent […]

Indie publishing?

I wrote a book. It’s a bit of an odd book, in the sense that it’s two thirds fiction and one third non-fiction. The fiction is there to de-abstractise the non-fiction. It seemed like a fun idea when I wrote the book, but no publisher I’ve approached wanted to publish it. “The story is successful, […]

To fill the void

I’m fed up. Fed up and angry. Really. Not too long ago, the radical right won our national elections with a landslide. It was horrifying. So many people who are justly and understandably tired of neoliberalism, believing that radical right-wing politicians will care about them and repair their social security. The same right-wing politicians who […]

Gen Z

Born in the seventies, as a member of the so-called generation X (Gen X), I am expected not to complain about things and quietly adapt to my surroundings. My surroundings are inhabited by generation Z (Gen Z). Gen Z is characterised by a tendency to complain about everything and their attempts to adapt their surroundings […]