Picking up (not quite) where I left off

The last time I posted something on this blog was over a decade ago. Since then, I got three kids, bought a house, changed jobs a couple of times and the world around me has changed even more.

That last post reviewed my Google Nexus 4. Nowadays, I use a Fairphone 4 with a de-Googled Android ROM. Plex Media Server has been switched out for Jellyfin (both for privacy reasons) and the server hardware has been replaced a couple of times.

I’m unsure what I will be writing about, and even if I will be able to keep it up. I suppose I still solve the odd technical puzzle, so there’s that, and I also still read books. Likewise, I’m also more into gaming these days, especially retrogaming. I don’t think I’m ready to write about parenting, perhaps except where it’s about kids’ privacy (a non-existing concept AFAIK).

I will also need a privacy statement and cookie notice if I want to keep comments on.

I think I leave the theme the way it is for now.

Let’s see where this goes.

P.S. Three weeks after posting this, I retroactively published some content in the years from 2020 through 2023. These are mostly about my less than fruitful adventures into what appeared to be a massive time sink, the value of which is that I need to learn from it.

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