More focus needed

Again, three very cloudless nights without moonlight offered another opportunity to get to know my newly bought Camera, a ZWO ASI 120MC-S. The goal was no longer to photograph the Andromeda or other nebula, but to take a picture of one or more sharp stars. It worked.

CameraZWO ASI 120MC-S
LensWilliam Optics SpaceCat 51 APO 250 mm F/4.9
TrackeriOptron SkyGuider Pro

But it didn’t go without a struggle. The first two evenings I was taking pictures from the backyard and from a spot close to my city, but all I got was some kind of noise. This became less coarse at higher gain and brighter at longer exposure. A tip from Astroforum was to first focus with the Nikon and only then mount the ZWO camera.

On the third day I met with some other people from the forum on a suitable spot and there I tried it out. Finally, after three hours of trial and error, I managed to take the photo above via the preview function of the Stellaris app.

Before all this, I looked through the tracker to see if I could align it, but to me, it seems impossible to determine which one is the North Star. I also tried to focus using the tracking camera, but it was getting late, and I didn’t have the patience for it any more.

The next step is to get faster and better at this, primarily at focussing and aligning the tracking camera on the North Star. Then I can also take a series of photos and darks to see if I can get rid of that noise.

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