MSX games and women

A few weeks ago I introduced my two sons with MSX games and they’re enjoying them a lot, playing mostly Athletic Land, Magical Tree and Bubble Bobble, and in a few years I’d like their little sister to have the same experience.

Now Bubble Bobble doesn’t have a problem, but in both Konami games you’re clearly and playing as a boy and in Magical Tree at the end the (caricature native American, but that’s another discussion) boy gets the girl. Penguin Adventure and Knightmare have the same problem. And they’ll be somewhat older before I’ll let them play SD Snatcher, but that game even has female character Jamie Seed stating: “It’s so useless being a Woman. All I can do is worry”. These are regarded by the MSX community as among Konami’s top games.

Nothing says you’re not welcome as you can’t play as someone who is like you.

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