Three very cloudless nights without moonlight seemed like an ideal opportunity to finally try out the new iOptron SkyGuider Pro. After using the first two nights as preparation, I went on the third night to try to take pictures of the Andromeda Galaxy. Although I couldn’t see it with the naked eye from my observation spot, I managed to find it and after aligning the tracker, I pointed the SpaceCat and camera at the spot in the sky where it should be. I didn’t see any stars through the camera, so I pointed it at a nearby star and tried to get it in focus. When that didn’t seem to work, I looked for another bright star to try with and took some pictures of it, like this one:

CameraNikon D-3000
LensWilliam Optics SpaceCat 51 APO 250mm F/4.9
TrackeriOptron SkyGuider Pro

It appears that the lines of the Bathinov mask go right through the star, but I hadn’t prepared myself well because I thought they had to disappear.

What doesn’t seem to have worked is the tracker. Assuming the tracker is working properly, I need to learn better to align it to the North Star. It could be I need better preparation.

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