Nexus 4/Android 4.2.1 review


  1. Fast.
  2. Easy app-switching using the multitask-button.
  3. Crisp and clear screen.
  4. Great battery life (except when Skype is installed).
  5. Great voice recognition.
  6. It excited Kalverstraat Phone House employees.


  1. Phone no longer mountable as usb drive: hard to transfer files using Linux. Why?
  2. Glass back is slippery (phone has fallen twice already).
  3. Volume/power buttons almost opposite each other: hard to press one without pressing the other.
  4. Settings icons in the pulled down status bar aren’t switches.
  5. Photo quality still less than iPhone’s.
  6. Settings button re-appears in every app, so they might as well have kept it in its standard place.

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