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Native look and feel for Swing under Linux

This one is not really an eye-opener, but I use this blog to record and archive stuff I find out at some point, so here’s a post about getting NetBeans Platform Applications use GTK instead of Metal. Since the Swing Application Framework (SAF) has been deprecated and developing NetBeans Platform Applications (NPA) is the new […]


Today, I found this in my mail: The “success kit” included a lifetime membership card for (…) an elite group of Oracle Certified Professionals (…) And I had hoped for a coffee pack 🙁 But still. Excellent.

Undead robot

According to the Geek Zodiac, I am an Undead, since I was born in 1976. I am apparently soulful, transcendental and know the value of all life. I am also haunted, tormented and have difficulty connecting to humanity. Obviously, this is utter nonsense. I am clearly a Robot: law-abiding, dedicated and logical as well as […]

NASA is moving on. Finally.

A few days ago I had a nice discussion in a commenting thread on Wired, in response to an article about how uncertain the future of space flight is, now that the Space Shuttles are being mothballed. When I was little, in the early eighties of the last century, I remember being told that the […]

A decade of cell phones

I got a new phone. It’s my first real smart phone, it has Android and two CPU cores. I like it. It’s an LG Optimus 2x and it looks like this: I like it for having a Linux kernel, a big screen, a 3.5 mm earphone jack, convenient volume buttons, a slick design and because […]

The dist-upgrade button

A couple of years ago, when someone in my neighbourhood’s Windows XP laptop became frustratingly slow and unstable, I convinced her to install Ubuntu. Using Ubuntu she could again perform all of her computing needs comfortably. Her laptop was fast and stable again and easy to maintain. Since then, two times a year, we go […]