Windows 7: still an inconsistent mess

Since I started at my new job, I have been working on a Windows 7 workstation. That’s not because I have to. I could install Linux on that machine if I wanted to. Still, most of the world, including many clients of the company I work for, use Windows machines, so I’m forcing myself not to take the easy path and try to deal with it.

But it’s hard. Windows is still an inconsistent mess. Take for instance these two consecutive lines from Eclipse’s console log, showing JBoss startup messages:

09:47:31,958 INFO  [ServerImpl] Server Base Dir: C:\jboss-5.1.0.GA\server
09:47:31,958 INFO  [ServerImpl] Server Base URL: file:/C:/jboss-5.1.0.GA/server/

Do you see what I mean? Regardless of their context, the forward and backward slashes really mean the same thing. And in the file URL there are two colons, no more than three positions from each other, with different meanings.


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  2. Fred says:

    It still is an MS-DOS derivate. Which is fine, but for Microsoft saying it isn’t. Or actually, since Win2000 or something, it isn’t, because from that version on, the relation between command-line and GUI isn’t strictly hierarchical anymore. Before that, every graphical interaction was a translation of an MS-DOS command. From the moment on that this relation started to get fuzzy, I have sought to avoid Microsoft products.