Since the start of this month I have been looking for a new job, because my current position at the Research and Documentation Centre of the Dutch Ministry of Justice will end January 31st next year. Barely a day after leaving my resume at, I got a few dozen calls from recuiting agencies and other companies, interested in getting to know me. One of those companies was Sogyo, a smallish company in De Bilt, specialised in software architecture,  development and integration.

(Promotional video in Dutch)

When I arrived at Sogyo for my first interview, I was a little early, so I was offered a cup of coffee and  asked to wait a few moments. While enjoying the coffee, I looked at the books in a book case, and was pleasantly surprised to find Noami Klein’s The Shock Doctrine. It appears I’ll be feeling quite at home there.

I’ll start working there February first.

promotional video in Dutch.

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