UPDATE: I did some tweaks to the css style sheet already. I removed the black border around the page and made the font settings of the header (the title of the site) like the one on my home page for consistency. I also put the archives at the top of the inner sidebar. Because of the small sidebars these widgets are hard-coded into the theme, so I had to hack the php code a little for that.

I found this really clean theme that I decided to try out on this blog. Its called plaintxtblog. I’ve been looking for something that looks cool, has two sidebars and is easy on the eyes. The sidebars are a bit small and not that easy to get wider, but maybe this weekend I’ll have a look at that. Plaintxtblog is licenced under GPL, so I can change the code.

Like the prevous theme, Atahualpa, Plaintxtblog doesn’t work well with the Now Reading plugin, so I should have a look at that as well.

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