Boinc milestone: 100.000 points

A new Boinc milestone for me today: 100.000 points. That’s more points than 88.264% of all Boinc contributors. Boinc is a piece of software that lets the computer its installed on do calculations for various scientific projects that need computing power but don’t have the resources. You select the projects yourself, and based on your preferenced the program figures out when to do what. I have an instance running on the very server that served you this page. The graph below shows what projects it has been contributing to:

The graph is created by BoincStat, a site that displays lots of information on how my and other Boinc intances perform. BoincStat estimates the next milestone will take place on September 16th next year, when I reach 250,000 points. Unless, that is, when I get my nerd certificate, in which case the next milestone will be on or around Januari 16th next year, when I hit 131,072 points.

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