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Siebrand Weitenberg: De Verwondering

This thursday me and some colleagues of mine went to Pulchri Studio, an art gallery in The Hague, where painter and teacher Siebrand Weitenberg is currently showing some of his works in an exposition called “De Verwondering” (The Wondering). The artist himself was present to tell us a little about his work. As it turned […]


Since the start of this month I have been looking for a new job, because my current position at the Research and Documentation Centre of the Dutch Ministry of Justice will end January 31st next year. Barely a day after leaving my resume at, I got a few dozen calls from recuiting agencies and […]


UPDATE: I did some tweaks to the css style sheet already. I removed the black border around the page and made the font settings of the header (the title of the site) like the one on my home page for consistency. I also put the archives at the top of the inner sidebar. Because of […]

Boinc milestone: 100.000 points

A new Boinc milestone for me today: 100.000 points. That’s more points than 88.264% of all Boinc contributors. Boinc is a piece of software that lets the computer its installed on do calculations for various scientific projects that need computing power but don’t have the resources. You select the projects yourself, and based on your […]