KDevelop 4: first steps

This will be one of those blog entries that I write primarily to document for myself some stuff I found out after some effort, but that might also be useful for others.

When developing applications, I primarily use Java, mostly because it will do everything I want and it’s the language I’m most familiar with. My IDE of choice is Netbeans.

However, my desktop environment of choice is KDE, and recently I thought of developing a plasmoid, so I decided to check out KDevelop 4, the IDE that seems most suited for KDE development. I got as far as a hello world in C++. Here are my first steps.

First I installed KDevelop and cmake. In Arch Linux (my primary OS for some time now), I did that thusly:

# sudo pacman -Sy kdevelop cmake

Then I ran KDevelop and started a new project:

  1. Click Project -> New From Template…
  2. Select C++ -> No GUI (CMake) -> Simple CMake-base C++ application
  3. Enter hellokde at Application Name
  4. Select None at Version Control System, then click Finish.
  5. Enter the path to your project directory at Installation prefix, then click OK.

Build the project:

  1. Right click on hellokde and select build.
  2. Wait until the build window says *** Finished ***.

Start the application:

  1. Click Run -> Configure Launches…
  2. Select hellokde and click + at Launch Configurations (at the top)
  3. Select Executable -> Executable and click the ellipsis (Open File Dialog).
  4. Navigate to the executable: projects/hellokde/build/hellokde and click OK twice.
  5. Click Run -> Execute Launch.

Hello KDE! And now for my first plasmoid…

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One Comment

  1. Miguel says:

    Thanks from Spain. 5 minuts investigating how to activate the “Run” buton, and in the end I googled “kdevelop 4 first steps” and your mini-howto appeared.