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Bad, bad Powerpoint

A couple of days ago, someone in my vicinity needed to create a Powerpoint presentation with lots and lots of JPEG files. She was doing this on a netbook which is usually pretty fast, but after adding a couple of pictures, she noticed it slowing down to a crawl. She was working on a USB […]

KDevelop 4: first steps

This will be one of those blog entries that I write primarily to document for myself some stuff I found out after some effort, but that might also be useful for others. When developing applications, I primarily use Java, mostly because it will do everything I want and it’s the language I’m most familiar with. […]

Scarlett Thomas, The End of Mr. Y

A while ago, I read PopCo, also by Scarlett Thomas, and I found it a fantastic read. It had a compelling and believable story and it gave me lots to think about, which is basically all I need from a book. I was therefore looking forward to reading The End of Mr. Y. I’m afraid […]

Martin Bril, De kleine keizer

I never shared the Martin Bril’s predelection for France, or his interest in Napoleon, but the fact that the emperor started the ninetheenth century by sweeping away most of the decadent European aristocracy must mean that he had some kind of vision. In some ways sadly, this was as definite as a wednesday security patch […]