New theme

I changed themes today, mainly because the default WordPress theme I used only has a single side bar and the text column is too small. This theme is called Atahualpa, and it’s under the GPL, so I can tweak it as much as I like. So far I’ve only replaced the header pictures with my own, but I’ll probably be changing more stuff.

Update: I’ve change it quite a bit, both sidebars are to the right now, the title is in the same font as the one on my home page and I rearranged a few other things. I still have problems with the Now Reading Reloaded plugin, and so is this guy.

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  1. Ben says:

    The Atahualpa page template is strange enough that the default template files that ship with NRR display oddly. The easiest way to fix this is to make the HTML structure of library.php (and others) look like that of your theme’s page.php.

    There are some notes in the plugin docs (see esp. “Why does my library page look funny?”) about copying these files locally so any changes you make can persist after plugin upgrades, too.

  2. thefoggiest says:

    Thanks! I’ll look into it.