Boinc: 30.000 credits

One of the things that I use this server for, except serving the blog you’re reading right now, is performing calculations for various projects that need computer resources but don’t have the money to spend. Among those projects are Climate Prediction, Malaria Control and SETI. Since my home server is always on and it has some computing power to share, this seems like a useful way to spend it.

The program that I use for this is called Boinc. Boinc is an open source program that works in the background and can be set up to use only as much memory and CPU power as you’re willing to share and to stop working when you’re using your computer. In that case, it works much like a screen saver. The program lets you select from a long list of very worthwhile projects. Boinc is avaiable for Windows, Mac and Linux.

I like Boinc, basically because it does what it has to do without much hassle, but you have to keep an eye on it. For a long time, while I thought it was looking for extraterrestrial civilizations and god particles it had in fact run out of disk space and had only been generating a long log file. Keeping an eye on it is easy, using Boinc Manager and account managers like Boincstats, which generate nice graphs showing how much you’re contributing, which speaks to your altruism gland.  To keep track, there is a point system where you earn credits per finished task, which brings me to the point I wish to make in this post:  yesterday, I got my 30.000th point.

According to Boincstat’s goal calculator, I should expect getting my 50,000th credit at or around July 22nd.

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