Netbeans ignores class (+ solution)

The weirdest thing happened while I was programming with my favorite IDE, Netbeans 6.8, today. When I work on big applications, I usually split them in two or three projects (usually model, view, controller). Then I import the projects in the main application project. At some point Netbeans suddenly told me it couldn’t find a class in an imported project to which I referred, even though nothing was wrong with it, and everything compiled perfectly using Ant. Netbeans however insisted the class wasn’t there and produced error messages and enough red warning lines to make it unworkable.

I googled around a bit, but found nothing. So before trying to find the actual problem, I made a copy of the class that Netbeans couldn’t find, deleted the old one, and renamed the copy to the original. And then the problem was gone.

What gives?

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