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New theme

I changed themes today, mainly because the default WordPress theme I used only has a single side bar and the text column is too small. This theme is called Atahualpa, and it’s under the GPL, so I can tweak it as much as I like. So far I’ve only replaced the header pictures with my […]

Boinc: 30.000 credits

One of the things that I use this server for, except serving the blog you’re reading right now, is performing calculations for various projects that need computer resources but don’t have the money to spend. Among those projects are Climate Prediction, Malaria Control and SETI. Since my home server is always on and it has […]

Amsterdam from space!

The picture below is of Amsterdam by night. It was taken by Astro_Soichi on board the ISS, from an altitude of 400 km. Excellent.

Netbeans ignores class (+ solution)

The weirdest thing happened while I was programming with my favorite IDE, Netbeans 6.8, today. When I work on big applications, I usually split them in two or three projects (usually model, view, controller). Then I import the projects in the main application project. At some point Netbeans suddenly told me it couldn’t find a […]