Samurai Cow

It seems like a cow has been born with some shape resembling a cross on its forehead:

You’ll note that to its Christian owners, the cross has obvious religious meaning, which makes them think that they have received a sign from their deity. I don’t think a divine being would be so bad at drawing, but the cross is obviously there.

At the end of the clip, the commentary says that the cow won’t be eaten, which made me think of a particular episode from the documentary series Cosmos, in which is explained how a certain type of crab from Japan became known as the Samurai Crab:

Now if this cow is permitted to reproduce, it seems to me that any of its offspring which is also blessed by a cross on their forehead, won’t be eaten either, maybe leading to results comparable to the Samurai Crabs.

Come to think of it, maybe the farmers were already favouring ancestors of this animal with shapes on their foreheads resembling crosses, thereby helping the selection process create this shape. After a few generations, the cross  probably had matured enough to call the press. It would be interesting to see the foreheads of any of the of the other cows on that farm and neighbouring farms. If none of them has anything white on their forehead, it will be much easier to claim that something must be going on, than if many of the cows from that area display similar shapes.

In any case, this cow is demonstrating natural selection based on adaptability right in front of the eyes of its Christian owners. Excellent.

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