Kubuntu 9.10: Slightly more impressed

Kubuntu 9.10 seems to have the same problems waking up from sleep/suspend on my Vaio, but at least it has the decent sense to tell me its the compositing manager that’s in trouble, and then shuts it down, so I can go on working.

What’s actually worse than in Ubuntu is the screen artefacts. The green and red dots are there as well, but with Kubuntu the screen becomes garbled to the point of being unusable. Again, downgrading to Nvidia driver 173 appears to solve this.

Way better than Ubuntu however is the artwork. I never saw an installer this pretty and the login screen provides a warm and friendly welcoming atmosphere. This may be default KDE4 artwork, so it may no be Kubuntu’s doing, but at long as it’s there, who cares?

I’m really impressed with KDE 4.3.2. I have tried many of the previous KDE4-incarnations, and I liked them all for their functionality and looks, but this one seems to be fast and stable as well. Nice.

The problems appear to boil down to something graphical. As soon as these are solved, this will be a very usable desktop.

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