Karmic Koala: not impressed

This weekend Canonical released their new OS, Ubuntu 9.10 “Karmic Koala”, and I upgraded my Sony Vaio laptop. So far, I’m sorry to say, I’m not impressed.

The first thing I noticed was lots of screen artefacts. The login screen as well as the desktop had lots of green and red pixels all over them. Downgrading the Nvidia driver to version 173 seems to have corrected this, but I’m not sure yet why the newest driver, which had no problems in Jaunty, doesn’t work.

While booting the machine seems to be a tad quicker, I find the new splash/login screen really really ugly. Also, I increased the contrast of the login screen to try out what it did, but I can’t revert to the default layout any more. I couldn’t find the ini file that has this setting in /etc/gdm.

When I press CTRL+F<x> to switch to another TTY, I get only a black screen, and no terminal. No clue why this is.

Waking up after sleep or suspend or when getting back from a (non-existent) virtual terminal by pressing CTRL+F7 makes the machine horribly slow and not accept keyboard input any more. Again, I haven’t found out why this is.

The new Ubuntu software centre now has a button “Get Free Software” that sounds like a horrible marketing device that I’m embarrassed to show to other people.

My wireless connection seems to cut out every few minutes.

I hope we get bug fixes really soon. Meanwhile I start wondering what Canonical were thinking, releasing an OS this unusable this close after Windows 7.

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