I think I started drinking coffee when I was fourteen or so. It being an acquired taste, the first few years I drank it with milk and sugar, but when I moved out of my parent’s home into my student room some five years later, I quit on the milk and sugar since I found those unworthy of spending money on. I have been drinking my coffee black since then.

At the advise of my mother, and her mother, who actually worked at the old Douwe Egberts plant in Joure, I started cutting out and collecting the point certificates that can be found in the wrappings of any DE coffee pack. They assured me that  with enough points there were nice gifts available.

So now that I had been buying my own coffee for some fourteen years, I turned upside-down the little can in which I had been storing them all these years, and started counting them. I counted some two thousand points, which I was sure was quite a lot. After all, they had taken me almost one and a half decade. I wondered what kind of nice things I could get in return for them. A cappuccino maker perhaps? Excited with anticipation I typed in the location bar of my web browser.

2000 DE points

Utter and complete disappointment befell me. My two thousand painstakingly gathered points amounted to ten Euros. Ten. And in return for ten points, DE will give you nothing but a few ugly coffee cups.

This pure materialistic set back is not the reason for the dissatisfaction I wish to convey here. It is the mere fact that for the first decade of this century and the better part of the last, once or twice a week, three generations of my family have been going through an utterly pointless (pun intended) ritual. DE made me feel genetically challenged today.

This morning I threw coffee wrappings away without cutting out the point certificate. Life will be different from now on.

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