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I think I started drinking coffee when I was fourteen or so. It being an acquired taste, the first few years I drank it with milk and sugar, but when I moved out of my parent’s home into my student room some five years later, I quit on the milk and sugar since I found […]

Apartheid state Israel persists in making occupation a fait accompli

Someone once told me that Israel is more civilised (he actually said “a way better country”, but I suppose that’s what he meant) than its neighbouring Arab states, simply because Israel is a democracy, and its neighbours are not. Setting aside the question whether an apartheid state can in fact be called a democracy, I […]

Static IP with Ubuntu Server

My home router’s DHCP server has the bad habit of ignoring MAC addresses when handing out IPs, which means that every time it is reset for some reason, or a machine’s lease ends, it can get an entirely different IP . Since I have two machines with a wired connection in my network, one of […]