Tomtom Home won’t install (+solution)

I was offended by the inaptness of an employee of the Dutch Tomtom support desk today. Not only couldn’t he help me, he didn’t even try, nor did he seem to know what questions to ask me.

There is only one reason I have an installation of Windows XP. I own a Tomtom One Europe, and to get updates I need either Windows or MacOS. Today I decided to use another computer for that, so I put WinXP on it and let it update to SP3. Then I downloaded and tried to install Tomtom Home. It didn’t work. At all. But that wasn’t what offended me.

After downloading and double-clicking the setup file, nothing happened. Being used to solving issues the Linux way (think, then google, then ask if everything fails), I opened the log files in My Computer, hoping to find something helpful there. I didn’t, so I googled around and found that more people were having the same problem. The solution apparently was to install an older version of the application and let that update itself to the newest version. However, I couldn’t find any older versions. So I called the Tomtom support desk. After all, hadn’t I paid good money for their product?

So after twenty-four minutes of muzak, my call for help was answered by someone with an inaudible name. I explained to him my problem and asked him what he thought of my solution. I had left my logs open in case he wanted more information. Sadly, he didn’t understand my suggestion, asked no questions, and came no further than “have you tried other computers”, and “we can’t send you a new device”. After I explained my problem to him again, he told me there was an image of the application on my Tomtom device, so I should use that instead. Then he hung up.

My Tomtom device indeed contains a Windows setup file, but that one only downloads the latest version from their website, which didn’t work. I had wasted half  an hour.

In the end I actually found an older version, and that one installed nicely. During its first run in updated itself to its newest version, so it all worked out nicely.

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  1. Re@PeR says:

    I’m running it inside Virtual Box inside Linux Gentoo, neither the old or the new version works.

    Installing the Microsoft Visual C++ Library fixes it:

    This library will install all the missing DLL files.

    Hope this saves somebody half a day of hacking 🙂

  2. johan riise says:

    Running it inside kvm+qemu. With Microsoft C++ 2005 redistributable, I could install Tomtom Home.

    XP 64 on Ubuntu 64.

    Must also enable usb passthru for the actual virtual machine, and each time I connect the device I have to allow my ubuntu user read and write access to the usb device. Should be possible to get it automatically..

  3. thefoggiest says:

    Thans @Re@PeR and @johan riise for your comments. Alas, my real machine doesn’t support virtual machines, so I won’t be able to check your suggestions. I hope it helps my other readers though.

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  5. Hi there, just browsing for information for my TomTom website. Lots of information out there. Looking for something else, but great site. Have a nice day.

  6. Denis says:

    Thanks, you brought the solution to me.

  7. Ruud says:

    I had this problem for a while. Happened after I reimaged my computer. I run WinXP, SP3. However, the image I restored did not contain the .Net framework 2.0. This caused the installer to fail. In the system log you get a “side-by-side” execution error.

    Note: Tom Tom Home doesn’t require the .Net framework, it uses java. But .Net 2.0 is required to simply run the installer.


  8. bomanra says:

    “The tech support guy told me he […”
    Can about it more?

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  10. pp says:

    Re@PeR I love you !

    Installing the Microsoft Visual C++ Library :

    … fixed the problem on my wife’s XP SP3 !

    Thanks a lot for that silly M$ trick.


  11. Simon says:

    Re@PeR: thanks for fix, I was ready to chuck the thing and buy a map.
    Thefoggiest: TomTom USA support seems to be at par with the Dutch support