Terminator Salvation: sufficiently entertaining

Terminator Salvation, though fairly badly acted, is sufficiently entertaining and humorous. Its sets and effects are impressive. The terminators are more creepy, more relentless and way more beautiful than in the previous episodes. The ending of the movie was a bit awkward (not to say predictable), but necessary and in-character for lead character Marcus. It was kept short so it wasn’t annoying.

Salvation is much more an action/voilence movie than its predecessors. There is much less talk. Many things are explained, but you sort of have to pay attention (especially with Marcus’ big revealing scene in the computer room). One thing is a bit odd, though: Marcus is told by Skynet that he’s the only cyborg in existence, but mere minutes later we get to meet Arnie. Was it lying to him? If so, I’m unsure why.

This is also the first Terminator without any reference to time travel. I had hoped that at the ending Connor (or Marcus) would send both Arnie and Reese to the eighties, where they would meet Sarah Connor, thus starting the whole cycle. But apparently they left that for another movie. Just as well, Reese wasn’t old and experienced enough to become Michael Biehn, and now they can use the whole time travel thing as a desperate last move on the part of Skynet.

I am still left with one question though. Skynet wants John Connor. It uses Kyle Reese and Marcus to get to him. But why? Did it monitor his radio transmissions and decide he is dangerous? Or does it fear he will become fatal (to it) because the terminators that had travelled back to the eighties/nineties have told it? Come to think of it, maybe the whole point of John Connor making himself known through radio was to avoid this question altogether.

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