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I’ll be speaking at the 5th NCeSS

I have yet to sort of find the scientist in me, but it appears the fifth International Conference of e-Social Science has accepted a paper I lead-authored. Its called A data warehouse approach to public safety monitoring and it is about a tool we created that provides government policy makers with accurate data from many […]

Tomtom Home won’t install (+solution)

I was offended by the inaptness of an employee of the Dutch Tomtom support desk today. Not only couldn’t he help me, he didn’t even try, nor did he seem to know what questions to ask me. There is only one reason I have an installation of Windows XP. I own a Tomtom One Europe, […]

Terminator Salvation: sufficiently entertaining

Terminator Salvation, though fairly badly acted, is sufficiently entertaining and humorous. Its sets and effects are impressive. The terminators are more creepy, more relentless and way more beautiful than in the previous episodes. The ending of the movie was a bit awkward (not to say predictable), but necessary and in-character for lead character Marcus. It was kept […]