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Epic fail

According to Dutch prime minister Balkenende, the current global financial crisis is due to the failing of man, not the market (links to Dutch site). What the hell does that mean? What is market mechanism other than the way people let channel their greed into something that could be used by others? Balkenende, a conservative […]

Server outage

I know it’s customary to announce server outages beforehand, but the last few days’ unreliability of this site were quite unexpected for me. I have replaced the offending hardware. Things should be better from now onwards.

Kubuntu 9.04 and pulse audio

As you can read in my previous post, less than a week ago I installed Kubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) on my desktop box. I have been converted. I’m sticking to it. Especially since I solved the Sound Problem. Like many people, If I turned off PulseAudio, some applications produced sound, and some didn’t. If I […]