50 Dutch quacks spread nonsense (surprise!)

Yesterday, many Dutch news sources reported that a group of fifty physicians recommended further study into the harmful effects of radiation from cell phones and other wireless devices and a moderation in the usage of such devices. They observe a raise in unexplainable complaints and a raise in the use of such wireless devices, and somehow infer a causal relationship. You can ask yourself what kind of doctors these fifty people are.

Today, the Vereniging tegen de Kwakzalverij reports that, first of all, the list only contains 49 people, some of which are no doctor at all, and most of which are known pseudo scientists, like homeopaths, astrologers and the like.

The Vereniging explains that the only known effect of these types of radiation is a very slight raise in body temperature, much less in fact than for instance the natural daily variation in body temperature. It is not the radiation itself, but the supposed effect that causes the complaints. As they put it, “there is no reason to take these people seriously.”


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