I went to Germany this weekend, spending Saturday in down-town Köln. I parked my car under the Philharmonie, visited the impressive gothic Dom, did some shopping, drank coffee at the Rhine bank, and spent two hours in the awesome Museum Ludwig, which is an absolute must-see if you’re there.

The Dom in Köln, as seen from the Rhine bank

The Dom in Köln, as seen from the Rhine bank

However, if you have only a single evening to spend in this city, and want a taste of Kölsch (in every sense of the word – it’s what they call their beer as well as their local language and culture), visit Peters Brauhaus, Mühlengasse 1, right behind the Philharmonie. The food is excellent, and so is the atmosphere. It is far from expensive, and the service is quick and friendly. I gave them the biggest tip I ever gave someone in Europe.

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